Best Hacks to Escape the City

Discover the Best Weekend Getaways in Montreal

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Whether you crave a soothing spa retreat, a hiking adventure near Montreal, or an expedition to distant horizons, we’ve got you covered. 
Here’s a curated list of the finest options, all of which are entirely attainable:
Montebello, Quebec

Best Hacks to Escape the City

The Secret Beach You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Montreal Adventure

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Your next vacation hotspot is right around the corner.
We’re well aware of the array of mesmerizing beaches in and around Montreal that are just a short walk, metro ride, or day trip away. From Clock Tower Beach in Old Montreal to the serene sandy stretches on our city’s outskirts, our local beaches and pools become the go-to spots for most beach-goers.
Now, let’s talk about a Canadian gem that has made its mark on The World’s 50 Best Beaches list. This place is renowned for its crystalline …