free shuttle bus service

To make the adventure more convivial, free no-stop shuttle bus service will connect the metro network to the nature parks.

Check the schedule for details on shuttle pick-up points, based on the event dates here.

Reserve your places on the nature park shuttle bus. In order to benefit from free shuttle service, please register online, print your ticket and present it upon boarding the bus. Remember to include the people accompanying you, big and small. Online reservare are required.

* Dogs are not allowed in the STM buses.

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Parking fees

$9 per day and $7 for two hours.

Places are limited.

Food services

The nature parks do not offer restaurant services, but some reception chalets have food vending machines. Bring your picnic

Alcohol consumption on-site

Alcohol consumption is tolerated when it accompanies a picnic.


Visitors may bring their own barbecues. However, their use is limited to clearly marked areas, and coals must be disposed of in designated containers.


Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.


Some reception chalets take cash only. Please plan your visit accordingly.

Universal access

All the reception chalets are wheelchair accessible.